Jason Sudeikis = Will Arnett
Edward Norton = John Cusack
Marion Cotillard = Audrey Tautou
Elijah Wood = Orlando Bloom = Edward Furlong
Jeff Daniels = Dave Coulier
Marlee Matlin = Holly Hunter
Samantha Mathis = Samantha Morton = Martha Plimptonn
Brittany Murphy = Mena Suvari
John Stamos = Tony Danza
Kirsten Dunst = Anna Paquin
Bette Midler = Barbara Streisand
Penelope Cruz = Salma Hayek
Neil Diamond = Barry Manilow
Stephen Colbert = Steve Carell
Owen Wilson = Matthew McConaughey
Brendan Fraser = Craig Bierko
Antonio Banderas = Javier Bardem
Jenny Holzer = Barbara Kruger
Joey Lauren Adams = Renée Zellweger (but not the other way around)
Jack Black = Philip Seymour Hoffman
Paul Prudhomme = Dom Deluise
Cheryl Hines = Christine Baranski

The Alarm
Adam and the Ants
The Jam
The Charlatans
Billy Bragg
The Housemartins
Lloyd Cole
Pat Benetar
The Sundays
The Waterboys
The English Beat
The Libertines
The Kooks
Arctic Monkeys
1. There are two types of people in the world:
Coffee-drinking Dog Lovers and Tea-drinking Cat People

2. You can't trust a man who wears cowboy boots
*(unless he is from out West)

3. People who don't like seafood grew up in a land-locked area.
*(those with allergies excepted)
Bad things that start with the letter 'C':

Good things that start with the letter 'C':
Officer McPoodle
Mosquito (for chihuahua use only - thanks Drus)
Toothpick holders

Squished souvenir pennies

Feature Matchbooks

Cafe au Lait bowls with the words 'cafe au lait' written on them

The (completely hand-lettered) Moosewood Cookbook

Serendipity's menu

When you're at a rock show, and they turn the lights on?

The animated M & M characters. Especially the sexy girl one.

Gjetost and/or any other product that combines fudge and cheese in one.
The Postman (with Kevin Costner)

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Stealing Beauty

No Country for Old Men (I assume. Just the thought of the movie is too brown to see it)
The King: Elvis
Queen: Latifah

The King of Pop: Michael Jackson
The Queen of Soul: Aretha Franklin

The Princess of Pop: Britney Spears

The Godfather of Soul: James Brown
The Modfather: Paul Weller
The Ska'dfather: Dave Wakeling

The Boss: Bruce Springsteen
Philip Seymour Hoffman = Phillip Michael Thomas
Mary-Louise Parker = Mary Kate Olson
Mary Stuart Masterson = Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Sarah Michelle Gellar = Sarah Jessica Parker
Marcia Gay Harden
Alexander Graham Bell
Neil Patrick Harris
James Earl Jones
Billy bob Thornton
Haley Joel Osmet
Thomas Hayden Church
Anthony Michael Hall